GastroFestival Madrid 2016

January is officially gastronomy month in Madrid with the Gastroletras festival, Madrid Fusion and its offshoot, the Gastrofestival all happening in a few short weeks. However, if Madrid Fusion is a culinary experience for the chefs and restaurateurs, then the Gastrofestival is for the people.

This year marks the 7th edition of the festival which takes place from the 23rd of January to the 7th of February. More than 400 establishments are taking part in this year’s program and it’s not limited to restaurants alone. The festival, which is meant to highlight the gastronomic delights of the city and pay homage to the national passion for food, also includes workshops and activities in the realms of art, literature, fashion, film and music. There’s also a section of the program just dedicated to health and wellness. Restaurants, bars, cooking schools, gourmet shops, fashion boutiques, cultural institutions, art galleries and museums are part of a complete program consisting of five different themes:

There will be many activities in gourmet shops and cooking schools, along with a wide variety of tapas and tasting menus in bars and restaurants in Madrid. It will encompass traditional “degustatapas” a city-wide tapas route where for only 3 euros, you can have a tapa and a small bottle of Mahou beer. Check out all of the participating restaurants and their signature tapas by just clicking the restaurant name from the Gastrofestival website. There’s also the option of filtering the restaurants by zone, if you’re not feeling up to venturing too far from home.


The rest of the Gastrofestival Madrid 2016 activities include:

Gastronomy related to movies, music, photography, painting, theater or books.

Here you can find tastings, cooking workshops, culinary tours, lectures, cooking shows…

A gateway where cooking and fashion boutiques and trendy shops propose gastronomic treats.

Activities that will help us educate ourselves in a cuisine that brings us to a balanced diet.

No self-respecting food event that is not washed down with a good wine is no feast. Here are a lot of activities in discovering new wines.

You can find out more about activities, prices and schedules here.








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