Top Cheap Cinemas in Madrid

Top Cheap Cinemas in Madrid

Going to the movies doesn’t have to be expensive. Madrid hosts some of the most treasured and some underrated big screens that are economically priced (or free!). These cinemas hold daily screenings of original-version films that are not typically found on the commercial circuit. Their retrospective and thematic film cycles are a must for film lovers in Madrid.

Cine Doré Filmoteca Española

With its rust-colored ‘Art Deco’ façade, this is the most iconic and oldest movie theatre in the city.

Address: calle Santa Isabel, 3 (Metro: Anton Martin)
Open: Tuesday-Sunday
Price: General €2.50; Students & Seniors €2

Cine Estudio de Bellas Artes

Located next to the Circulo de Bellas Artes, this repertory cinema used to be a theater.

Address: calle Marqués de Casa Riera 2 (metro Banco de España)
Open: Wednesday-Sunday
Price: General €4; Members, Students & Seniors €2.40

Academia de Cine

The current headquarters of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain promoting Spanish cinema.

Address: calle Zurbano 3 (metro Colon/Alonso Martinez)
Open: Monday-Friday
Price: Free


Located in the Matadero, the Cineteca is the first and only cinema in Spain dedicated almost exclusively to documentaries.

Address: Plaza de Legazpi, 8 (metro Legazpi)
Open: Monday-Sunday
Price: €3.50 (free screenings on Wednesdays)

Top Cheap Cinemas in Madrid

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