15 Signs that you’ve become a Madrileña


15 Signs that you’ve become a Madrileña

Many of us have been made Madrid our home for several years now and its quite amusing to catch ourselves being so Madrileña…Here are some example,and please do share your Madrileña moments in the comments below:

  1. You toss serviettes on the floor in a bar.
  2. You ask directions with the impersonal but effective ” Perdona, la calle…” (Excuse me, the street…)
  3. You have the Madrid metro app (which is FREE) installed on your smartphone.
  4. You know the “famous squid restaurants” in the Plaza Mayor off-streets.
  5. You have been to museums only once(when you first arrived)…and never returned since.
  6. You have been to museums only once (when you first arrived)…and return when friends or family visit you in Madrid.
  7. You have an apperitif in one bar,then move to a restaurant to have dinner and later move to another bar for a latenight drink…and then still look for a nightclub to end the night.
  8. You have dinner not earlier than 10pm.
  9. Now during Christmas time, you participate with friends or collegues in the famous Christmas lottery “La gorda”. See our article regarding lotteries in Spain .
  10. Your typical meeting point is km cero in Sol.
  11. You still find it difficult to adapt to the new metro station name, Vodafone Sol.
  12. You speak Spanglish,and its not just because you are showing off, that you are well travelled.
  13. You have your favourite hangout with free wifi and cupcakes.
  14. You feel like you’re being given a cold shoulder if people opt for handshakes instead of 2 cheek kisses when you meet them.
  15. You feel offended if the camarero gives you your beer order without snack(anything would do from peanuts to olives to generic crisps)

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