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I am a South African living in Madrid since 2005. I love this city, its people, its streets and its buzz.. Therefore a few years ago, I created this blog to to inform friends and visitors of the city about what it has to offer. The result is Cheap In Madrid, a blog whose 95% content is for free events and activities from free music concerts, free art expositions, free workshops, free theater, free museum visits, places to learn Spanish or other languages free of charge, cheap places to enjoy tapas and other typical Spanish dishes.

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10 Original Halloween 2019 Plans in Madrid

1.Halloween in Warner Park The Warner Bros Theme Park in Madrid offers a variety of terrorific experiences for Halloween in Madrid inspired by cinema. In particular, the Warner Park area of Hollywood Boulevard will be  the scene of  Michael Chaves´s supernatural film The … Continue reading “10 Original Halloween 2019 Plans in Madrid”


Best Fall Foliage Viewing Spots in Madrid

Fall foliage is magnificent in Madrid! The pretty sights and landscapes become colourfully brown,orange,reddish and yellow with leaves. It is quite a spectacle and pleasant to walk under these falling leaves. Here follows our favourite fall foliage viewing spots in … Continue reading “Best Fall Foliage Viewing Spots in Madrid”


Top backpacker hostels in Madrid

Madrid is considered attracts tourists of different kinds because of availability of quality hotels and hostels in Madrid. Choosing the ideal accommodation being hotel or hostel can be a big challenge. We hope to help you pick an ideal backpacker hostel for … Continue reading “Top backpacker hostels in Madrid”


Top Madrid Landmarks for History Lovers

Madrid landmarks attract admirers locally and internationally. Many of these landmarks are centennial or more. Among the celebrated landmarks one can find city squares and palaces, while others are ancient city gates and fountains. Madrid Landmarks for history lovers are … Continue reading “Top Madrid Landmarks for History Lovers”


Rooftops in Madrid to visit for Ambiance

Discover trendy and top-rated rooftops in Madrid for hangouts. They are chic, some are located unique and historical buildings, and while others are laid-back and modern. In summer, these terrazas are thee places to see and be seen in Madrid! 1) The … Continue reading “Rooftops in Madrid to visit for Ambiance”


What to do, see and eat in San Lorenzo del Escorial

The town of “San Lorenzo del Escorial” is situated on the north-west of Madrid. The city is famous for its unique mammoth monastery. The city offers awesome beauty, welcomes visitors and provides lots of tasty and delicious dishes. Besides all … Continue reading “What to do, see and eat in San Lorenzo del Escorial”


How to explore Madrid and Toledo on your own with a GPS app

Exploring Madrid and Toledo on your own is easier than you think! Imagine locating a cozy coffeeshop with WIFI in Madrid or finding a traditional restaurant for lunch in Toledo on your own! All this and more is possible through … Continue reading “How to explore Madrid and Toledo on your own with a GPS app”