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I am a South African living in Madrid since 2005. I love this city, its people, its streets and its buzz.. Therefore a few years ago, I created this blog to to inform friends and visitors of the city about what it has to offer. The result is Cheap In Madrid, a blog whose 95% content is for free events and activities from free music concerts, free art expositions, free workshops, free theater, free museum visits, places to learn Spanish or other languages free of charge, cheap places to enjoy tapas and other typical Spanish dishes.

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Top Madrid Landmarks for History Lovers

Madrid landmarks attract admirers locally and internationally. Many of these landmarks are centennial or more. Among the celebrated landmarks one can find city squares and palaces, while others are ancient city gates and fountains. Madrid Landmarks for history lovers are … Continue reading “Top Madrid Landmarks for History Lovers”


How to rent a room for only a month in Madrid

In Madrid, looking for a flat? We agree! It issss a challenge!!! You have to wait for weeks or even months to find a rental apartment in the capital of Spain. However, searching for a room to rent is even … Continue reading “How to rent a room for only a month in Madrid”

5 AirBnB for less than $70 per night (Madrid city centre)

Are you travelling to Madrid, Spain and do not want to stay in a hotel? AirBnB can be the perfect solution for you. You can easily hire an apartment with AirBnB Madrid City Centre or AirBnB near Plaza Mayor. First … Continue reading “5 AirBnB for less than $70 per night (Madrid city centre)”


Cool Freelancer-friendly Coffeeshops (With Free Wifi)

Freelancers can find convenient workspaces with Free Wifi in Madrid. This is because Madrid is a city filled with cool and cozy cafes. Cafes that offer you a place to sit and chat, get your work done, study, upload holiday … Continue reading “Cool Freelancer-friendly Coffeeshops (With Free Wifi)”


Kid-friendly restaurants near Santiago Bernabeu (with stadium pitch views)

Are you visiting Madrid with kids soon? Madrid is a famous holiday destination  and Santiago Bernabeu a must-visit so its only natural that you visit the city and stadium with your family. And the family most probably includes kids, therefore … Continue reading “Kid-friendly restaurants near Santiago Bernabeu (with stadium pitch views)”


Madrid University Guide for First Time Browsers

Madrid University Guide for Beginners So you are thinking of studying in Spain?!If you are considering getting a degree in Madrid then this is a good first checklist! Madrid is not only a famous travel destination for world renowned restaurants, … Continue reading “Madrid University Guide for First Time Browsers”