Semana Santa Activities

Semana Santa Activities

Decided to stay in Madrid during Semana Santa?  Not to worry, there are still many activities for you to enjoy!  This is a great time to enjoy the city as it tends to be quieter, as many locals have taken advantage of the break and left town.  Just think, a seat at your favourite bar, more than simply elbow room as you walk the streets around Sol and no queues!  Thats right!  The city is in rare form.  Enjoy!

Semana Santa Processions:  All Week
Check out the daily processions happening each day this week in celebration of Holy Week, in or around the center of Madrid.  It is both cultural as much as it is spiritual homage.

Find the routes and times for the processions here on Semana Santa MAdrid 2015

Tamborrada: Sunday, April 5th
A long standing tradition since 1953, this year’s Tamborrada, or percussion group from Zaragoza, will be playing in the Plaza Mayor in celebration of the conclusion of Holy Week.

When:  5th of April, Easter Sunday
Where:  The Plaza Mayor  (Metro: Sol)
Time:  12h



El Otro Madrid: pasión, misterio, y muerte Parte 2
Until April 25th

Ever wanted to know the dark side of Madrid?  Take part in this tour: El otro Madrid: pasión, misterio y muerte Parte 2, and learn about the dark history of this beautiful city.  Now through April 25th you can get tickets for 8€!

Get tickets and more information here

Historias, leyendas, y anécdotas de Madrid medieval
Until June 4th

Learn exactly what Madrid was before it was the bustling, busy cosmopolitan city that it is today!  Who were the first Madrileños?  Find out on this tour Historias, leyendas, y anécdotas de Madrid medieval.  Now though June 4th you can get tickets for 10€!

Get tickets and more information here

Madrid del s.XIX: usos, costumbres y curiosidades
Until June 4th

How exactly did 19th century Madrid flats get running water?  What secrets are hidden on the walls of Madrid monuments? Discover the answers to these questions and more on the Madrid del s.XIX: usos, costumbres y curiosidades tour. Now though June 4th you can get tickets for 10€!

Get tickets and more information here



Horse Riding
Until May 29th

Feeling adventurous?  How about enjoying this lovely Spring weather by saddleback?  Take advantage of this offer for 1.5 hours of horse riding in the beautiful Parque Natural de la Sierra de Guadarrama, just 40 minutes outside of Madrid!  Now though May 29th you can enjoy horseback riding for 20€!

Get tickets and more information here

Until June 28th

Think you have what it takes to be a war hero?  Gather seven of your friends and be put to the test with paintball!  See whether you’ve got what it takes to complete the missions!  Now through June 28th for only 14€ a person! (Must have a minimum group of 8).

Get tickets and more information here

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