The 6th Annual Tapapíes in Lavapíes

Tapapíes in Lavapíes is coming! The district of Lavapiés is recognized for its multi-ethnical atmosphere, filled with bars and restaurants from all over the globe. What better time of the year to fully embrace its reputation than at the The 6th Annual Tapapíes in Lavapíes with live musical performances, sponsored by Estrella Damm. With over 30 establishments offering over 100 unique tapas at 1,50€ each or 2,50€ with an Estrella Damm beer, it is sure to please locals and foreigners alike.

One of the main things that characterizes this gastronomic route is the coming and going of people walking the streets to find their favorite tapas. To liven up this event further more are 60 schedules concerts in the main squares and streets of Lavapiés, which visitors will dance to the rhythm of swing, samba, blues and Afrobeat. Another classic example of the environment in this multicultural neighborhood.

In addition, there will be some theater performances and street circus, or scheduled Microtheatre in local stages for only 2.50€ on Saturdays and Sundays. And if that were not enough, nearly 30 shopping establishments in the area will offer discounts to complement this event where visitors who make a purchase will be entered to win a gift voucher valued at €500 to redeem at any of the participating merchants.

When: October 20th-30th (all day long)

Where: Various locations in Lavapies.

Price: Tapas 1,50€ each or 2,50€ with an Estrella Damm beer.

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The 6th Annual Tapapíes in Lavapíes

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