Top 5 Places for Croquettes

Top 5 Places for Croquettes

The croquette is a deep fried ball of gooey goodness originating in France, but is more popular in the Netherlands and Spain, where it can be eaten as a side dish, main dish, starter or tapa. Here are the top 5 most popular locations in Madrid of the best croqueta:

1. Casa Julio Calle de la Madera, 37. Metro: Tribunal/Noviciado Bono’s favorite! One day, U2 was looking for a charming space for a photo shoot…and the rest is history. Highly rated as the best croquetts of Madrid, the house specialty is a magical combination of cheese, spinach and raisins. A delight. Six generous croquettes, 4 euros; 12 croquettes, 8 euros. A bargain! Open Monday-Saturday mornings 9:30am-3:30pm, afternoons 6:30pm-12am. Closed Sundays & August.


las famosas croquetas del manolo2. Casa Manolo Calle de Jovellanos, 7. Metro: Banco de España/Sevilla Voted the best of 2008-2012 by 11870, this turn of the century tavern is considered “democratic” because not only do they serve deputies, ministers and journalists, but also ushers, police officers, officials and theatre spectators. Open Monday-Saturday 8:30am-12am. Closed Monday nights, Sundays, holidays & August.
3. Melo’s Calle del Ave María, 44. Metro: Lavapiés This popular small Galician family run bar is famous not only for their giant “zapatilla” sandwich but for their giant creamy handmade croquettes. Warning: always packed! Open Tuesday-Saturday, 8:30pm-1am. Closed Mondays & August.
4. La Tabernilla del Gato Amadeus Calle del Cristo, 2. Metro: Ventura Rodriguez/Noviciado
A small tavern with bar and terrace, located on a pedestrian street. A great location to enjoy their raved about croquettes (ham or cod fish) in the open air. Open Monday-Sunday 1pm-1am.



5. Javier Martín. Croquetería & Café Calle de Toledo, 74. Metro: Toledo/La Latina.  More than 30 types of croquettes in this location can not be more central, more original and more appealing. From savory to sweet and fruit! Open Monday-Sunday 9am-12am.


Enjoy and try these Top 5 Places for Croquettes in Madrid.

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