It’s Carnival Time in Madrid

It’s Carnival Time in Madrid

It’s Carnival time again and this year Madrid´s carnival will take place in the district of Tetuan. The festivities will take part from the from the 5th to the 10th of February.  Be ready for street fun and colourful costumes and disguises as the parade takes over this part of the city. Other neighbourhoods of Madrid do have their own versions of the carnival, however,the official city carnival is in Tetuan. The program promises lots of fun activities for both the young and old! Here follows the carnival schedule:

Friday 5th of February:

10:30 – Children´s parade

17:00 & 19:00 – Puppet Show: La Bruja & Don Cristobal

19:00 – Babbel: A world on the contrary

19:30 – Carnaval of the bodies and desires

19:00 – 23:00 – World Dance and Music Session

20:00 21:00  – Circo Swing Concert

 Saturday 6th of February

17:30 The Great Parade

20:00 – 22:00 PREGÓN Y CHARIVARI
PREGÓN Y CHARIVARI  is a crazy and humorous parade on arrival at the end of the route in Bravo Murillo. The show will conclude with a final fireworks courtesy of the  Bufo Project Theatre Company and students Asura Theatre Workshop.

22:30 Carnival Concert:

Don’t miss this concert in Plaza Remontada and dance to the sounds  of Soul and Funk music with vocals and incendiary rhythmic compositions from two reference groups : Freedonia , awarded two prizes Eye- Pop ( Best Song for “Heaven Bells” and best band of black music ), an Guille prize ( best group of black music ) and present in many lists of best albums of the year (for example , second place in the list of El País , 2012) ; and CosmoSoul recognized by the circuit of clubs like group revelation and by Guille 2012 awards for best group of black music.

23:00 Dance of the Masks at the Circulo de Bellas Artes
As per tradition the circle of the Fine Arts organizes its traditional masked ball in some of itscirculo-de-bellas-artes-de-madrid_javier-de-juan_cheapinmadrid emblematic location: the Ballroom. The slogan this year is  Pirates! This year’s poster is provided by the illustrator Javier de Juan. Participants will be entertained by the musician Kiko Veneno who will also read the opening speech! The rest of evening will be serenaded by DJ’s and great orchestras. This event is expensive between  30 and 40 euros, however it can be a cheaper option to attending the masked festival in Venice! Check out the rest of the schedule for Sunday´s Carnival activities here as well as the conclusion of the Carnival with the traditional ¨entierro of the sardina¨on Wednesday here. Last but not least,you can download the applications for the Carnival 2016 of Madrid for Android phones here or Carnival 2016 of Madrid for Iphone devices here

For more detailed info, check out the complete guide of the Madrid Carnival activities for 2016 here:

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